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World Tour – not finished ..

The project participants, taught by their own mistakes and experience to do their business. Anton – do the construction “base” , Oleg – plans to fly away for the winter in Latin America and had already purchased tickets.

I still decided to make their journey around the world. And do not break it into pieces, as some travelers. And to make it entirely – one trip. Now I am preparing for my new project, designed for the spring-summer of 2013. And then – a new start of a new world tour.

To write regular reports and upload your photos, I decided to make a website. new site also called ‘ Via est Vita ‘, it would be foolish to change their motto. This website – no contrasting existing site, but rather – addition. The new site, I will spread not only report on “unfinished circumnavigation” , but also reports on other projects and travel.

Soon, in Voronezh: Blob – Water Catapult

Soon to be in Voronezh Blob – Water Catapult.

Jump from the blob

This is a an attraction on the water.

Blob will be located at the Voronezh Reservoir, not far from the resort named Maxim Gorky.

The cost of a jump in the water will be 100 rubles ($ 4).

Safety on the water attraction:

  •  Wear a lifejacket;
  • It is forbidden to jump into the water as well as from a tower in an intoxicated condition;
  •  Are there age restrictions;

+79507511861 – phone managers